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PlutoXPay is a software solution for creating three types of healthcare payments; virtual credit card, check and EFT. PlutoXPay is licensed to and operated by the payer/TPA. PlutoXPay is not an ISO (Independent Service Organization). It is software that you the payer/TPA uses to make payments. PlutoXPay offers you control over the following processes:

Features & Benefits


Control Payment Authorization

Post-adjudicated claim data from your claims system is loaded into PlutoXPay. PlutoXPay has a sophisticated batching system that allows you to select all the payments to be released at once or some of the payments to be suspended for second signature or other security or funding reasons.

Control Payment Funding at All Times

PlutoXPay automatically certifies adequate funds available in the Plan/TPA/Payer accounts on which payments are drawn. If funds are not available, payments will not release.

Control Payment Type Based on Provider Preference

You take control over provider communications. Your customer service representatives interact with providers regarding their payment preferences thus eliminating conflicts of interest between you and a virtual card vendor acting as an Independent Service Organization. PlutoXPay provides state-of-the-art customer service software and training for your representatives.

Control Customer Service of Provider Calls

Your customer service representatives take provider calls now. With PlutoXPay customer service software, your representatives will have an up-to-the-minute picture of payment delivery, payments on hold waiting for funding and delivery dates, times and settlements ALL REAL TIME.

Control Payment(s) Waiting on Funding

Many claims adjudication systems do not have an adequate payable system. PlutoXPay provides the payer/TPA a technically superior capability, especially for claims funded through reinsurance payments.

Control Payment Reissues and Voids

Many claims adjudication systems are cumbersome and time-consuming when claim payments have to be reissued or checks voided. PlutoXPay provides you the capability of voiding and reissuing payments WITHOUT performing some difficult time consuming process on your claims adjudication system.

Control Payment Aging

No Lost PPO Discounts. Claims adjudication systems do not normally provide aged accounts payables information. PlutoXPay provides you the capability of tracking each payment from funding to the settlement. E-mail notifications are transmitted to designated customer service recipients if a payment does not settle within a user defined time period. You will never lose a PPO discount due to late payment.

Keep Current Vendors

Print, Banking, etc. Unlike other virtual payment and EFT vendors, that require you to move funds to their banks, PlutoXPay does not require any change in your banking relationship or print vendor.

Deliver Complete Reconciliation Reports to Plan/Health Plan

ISO virtual payment and EFT vendors find it difficult or impossible to produce a consolidated reconciliation report for either the TPA/plan or Payer. PlutoXPay’s software solution creates a consolidated reconciliation report for all sources of funding. Virtual payment settlements, EFT and check clearing are delivered in the same report. Also available are various outstanding payment reports that delineate aged payments.

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